Goodwood 2009

Welcome to Goodwood 2009! Lovely day, lovely weather - here are a few pics from the day.....


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Jay Leno - famous American chat show host - in the denim shirt

Stirling Moss in his Mercedes

Nascar doing a massive burnout in front of us and doing a good job of pulling the tarmac up as well

Sweeping up the tarmac left behind

The Boss!

Wouldn't be complete without the Red Arrows

Mean looking Morgan


Peter 'Easy Rider' Fonda



Call that an engine?

Now THAT's an engine!


....I just don't know....

Hamilton burns away in the orange monster Mercedes before his passenger could shut the door! Reckon that constitutes a false start.

Wacky Racers (and they were really good!)

How fat is that tyre?

Apparently these pictures were painted by lying the canvas on the floor and using a remote control car through the paint.....yeah right!

Sky high R8

More down-to-Earth Audi's

Under an R8's skin



Roll on Goodwood 2010...

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