Ski/Snowboard holiday - La Tania 5th - 12th Feb 2011

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A winter holiday in La Tania, France to celebrate reaching 40 years old - and thankfully managed to reach 40 years and 7 days without any broken bones although I did have a good go at my left knee, right wrist and left thumb-nail!

Roll of honour for all those that survived (12 counted out and 12 counted back)...


Now for the all-important pics (there may be some duplication but I thought I'd just throw up all that I get sent to me)...


Disgusting cocktail - doing my best to pretend it's not happening

Tim - owner of 'Pub Le Ski Lodge' bugling 'Happy Birthday'

Nice backdrop, shame about the headache

Dave looking like a gangster


Courchevel 1650 airport - 7th most dangerous airport in the world...and officially the shortest runway

Cool skier :-)

Corduroy slopes

Another angle of the airport

Thankfully, caught my best side

Snow queens

"The cake"

Kid about to take Philippa on the inside...


Awards night...

Lance gets the award!

Cracking shot Angela!

Another cracking shot!

Can't believe those cups are the same logo as Fleet running club and in the right colours!

This appears to be the aftermath of the much talked about wipeout of Mitch by Lance - wish I had been there :-)

Fabulous hot-tub - must have used it every day.

What run shall we conquer next Bren?


Some bird's eating my food

Hot tub moments!

Where do you think the bubbles are coming from?


How many puds?!

Mitch's amazing knee.

An example of the cuisine

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