The return visit to La Tania 2012 :-)

Some pics of the holidays...


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Views from the chalet


Oops - bit rusty on the first day Janine...





Bren and Simon eyeing up the slope ahead


Beautiful slopes, beautiful conditions



At the top of Pramint and Jerusalem...two of our favourite slopes of the week


Nice wide open slopes....and not a soul in sight....

...until Brendan pops up!

Janet saying 'How!' (Indian style)


This was the place that serves the best chips in the world

On the way to the pub

Mmmmm....tarte tatin....

La Tania village


Cracking jumpers - who would have thought we would get two pairs?! Lance and Tracey's jumpers later stayed behind with Jack and Jaz - our hosts/chef. Word is they're going to wear them on the slopes after we're gone (brave soles!)

Fantastic food and service by the way Jack/Jaz!

All the jumpers worn by all the gang....and a mystery man who hid his face. Looks like one of the 'blank-out' silhouettes.

That was a very long chair lift!

Usual cheesy picture with ski's/boards in the air. Jamie and Jenna 2nd and 3rd from left (very good skiers!)


Another 'slope to yourself' moment.



Views from the top of the fourth valley L'Oreille


Shame they had closed the run down into L'Oreille but it didn't detract from an excellent days skiing. In the distance to the left is the Dolomites. At this point, we are closer to Italy than Courchevel!




Mitch and Jenna (and my feet)

Penny found this gondola ride....steepest one I've been on!


The famous colourful gondola's

Beautiful slope....and Penny's thumb

Kelly in a striking red jacket against a black and white background.

Girls on the piste!



Penny's cracked it!




I thought it was supposed to be a snow-walk...not crawl?!




Those close-up shots never do turn out great do they?!



(Those chalets are for sale....mmmm....)


Deputy dog....

...and a real dog. Bailey in fact! (Jenna and Jamie's dog). All he wanted to do was chase snowballs!


Here are some pics from Lance and Tracey....


Poser Tracey :-)


Cool dude (needs a shave)


Good photo!


Jumper winner and winners hubby!

Simon got some nominations for that jumper

...and so did Karen!

Brendan looking strangely comfortable in his jumper. It's a cracking catalogue pose.


Penny looking well on her way!


Aren't we supposed to have something on our feet?




Proof that I can do it!


Cool dude again!

...and a 'not-so-cool' dude.





That looks naughty....

...but nice (obviously)


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