La Tania 2014

Another cracking year of skiing and snowboarding. Some pics from the holiday. Roll on our 5th La Tania anniversary....

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A short video I've put together. Please forgive the quality and the wavy black sides (this is youtube's attempt at stabilising the image)...

Ensure you have the volume turned up high :-)



Nothing like a strong pair of hands


Nice pic - nice backdrop


Not sure which direction we're headed here


The snow is so nice in the sun


Roof of the world

Cracking selfie....but who took it?


ok, I admit I'm a bit of a faffer


Starting off first thing in the morning is always the hard bit


Love the gloves


Love the jacuzzi in the snow


Lovely moody shots

One of my favourite pics - cracking background with the slopes all to yourself


Pics don't come much better than this. Mitch has his own slope here!


Bouc Blanc (white goat) restaurant - a favourite stop for some 'chokky chokky'


....I'm now wishing I was back there....

Typical 5 o'clock pose




Some food pics....just in case you forgot how nice it was.....(mmmmm).....



Don't you love it when it snows........



La Taigre

Oh Mitch....what are you like ?


Penny and Debbie (on their way...)

Cheers....and hope to see you same time, same place, next year :-)

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