La Tania 2016

Another great year with a great group of people. Thanks all for coming. Some pics to bring back a few memories....

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New photo's (posted 14th Feb 2017)...

End of new photo's



Previous photo's (posted last year)

View out of Panda

Nice cat :-)

Think this is half way down Plan Fontaine

It's chokky chokky time!!!

A moment of indulgement.... enjoyed with eyes closed.


All boarders do is sit on their arses all day!

Snow angel (?)

Cave de Lys

Nice way to spend an evening!

Good panaramic shot - thanks Angela :-)

Fried snails

Can anyone smell burning?

Another nice shot from Panda

Coming down Bouc Blanc red I think - Bouc Blanc restaurant in the distance

End of Plan Fontaine

Out of the La Tania gondola. Bouc Blanc restaurant in the background.

On the way to Meribel I believe. This could be Pic Bleu.

Meribel Altiport

Just to prove we really did go running.

These pics taken at the top. Well....not right at the top, just where we reach and turn around. This is a picnic area in the summer.

Lovely dawn.

Dodgy selfie!

La Tania sleeps - 7am

Tweeted this one onto the La Tania feed - and it got retweeted by the La Tania administrators :-)

Courchevel is that way!

Huge beer. Just how I like 'em.

Reaaly not sure what Janet is doing here! Think someone said 'who wants a piece'.

Like a pig in sh.....

What's wrong with this picture - apart from Mitch's head being cut off?


Plane on the runway in Courchevel altiport

And takes to the air

Penny cutting a turn!

...and then chilling out...


In the Ski Lodge

Elaines birthday....followed by a few of us trying to demonstrate our flexibility!




One of my favourite views - from our bedroom window.


Marmottes red run

Well done Mark and Debbie on completing the Escapade. Mark doing a good impression of a Star Fleet officer though...!


Roll on 2017!

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