La Tania 2017

A great year with a lovely bunch of people! Thanks all for coming. Thought I'd put up some pics in no particular order to bring back a few memories....

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Spotted in 1850. Check out the vintage ski's and case on top


Feels like home


Altitude training


Chokky chokky and chips - doesn't get much better


View from our balcony


Cracking pic this one


Me and Sarah riding inthe telecabin






Cave de Lys


I did ask for it to be well done...


La Tania from the cross country trail








Folyeres - yes it really is steep in places - and it's supposed to be a blue!



Loli deciding her legs don't work anymore


I think that sign means no pooping while skiing?









Snow angel!


Taking pics...









La Tania village


Check out the photo-bombing barman



Ben and Hannah. Excellent food and service!

Hannah kept my G&T levels topped up all week :-)

Ben kept hunger from my door (and we considered it the best food in 7 years!!!)


Which one is your favourite cuddly Panda?







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