New York - Sept/Oct 2007

Here are a few pics from our recent visit to New York. Spent a week there to celebrate Penny's birthday. Enjoy...


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Pics from the top of the Empire State Building...




You can see Macys to the front/right - we went there after this and bought a lot of clothes!


The tall buildings in the background is New Yorks financial district

To the left you can see the Brooklyn Bridge


In the foyer of the Empire State Building


Empire State from the ground


This is in the cafe in Macy's. Had the best beefburger ever in here and thought I'd try the pumpkin ale - it was fabulous


Here's Penny loaded down with a few bits from Macy's!


Broadway pics....



This is our hotel (mirror building - Hyatt) which joins onto Grand Central Station (front) - the Chrysler Building in the background


Grand Central Station and Hotel at night


Central Park. Absolutely gorgeous here. We hired mountain bikes for a couple of hours on the Sunday - soooo many runners doing their circuits. Some pics...






The building with two towers (left) was used in the showdown scene on Ghostbusters. Apparently, this is an extremely exclusive set of apartments. You would need to have a few million pounds to buy an apartment here, but even then you have to be accepted by the residents committee. Madonna got rejected!

This is near where John Lennon got shot as well.





There was a breakdancing gang on the fringe of Central Park doing their 'thang'. Brings back memories of when I used to try and do windmills at school but just headbutted the ground all the time


Windmills in full flow...



Yes...we did the usual nerdy tourist ride in a horse and cart around a bit of Central Park!


Penny and 'Whisky'.

I asked where the horses went at night and the driver said 'to the local bars for a drink'. (No tip for him then)





Terepines sunbathing in Central Park






This is Bryant Park - dedicated to the man who first brought radiators to America. The gold and black building in the background was the company and the gold top is said to resemble a radiator (mmmm....)




This picture is not about what's in it, but what's missing from it. This image should be full of the two world trade centres. It was an eerie place to go. Apparently each floor of each building was about an acre.

There was an account of a cafe owner on Liberty Way who was outside his cafe when they came down - he woke up in a nearby park having been blown literally out of his shoes.


Work has already begun on the new building...


An artists impression of it


We went to the world trade centre museum - this was full of items picked out of the wreckage. Lots of stories and video were here talking of different peoples stories. You couldn't go through here without getting a lump in your throat.

This picture is one of the planes windows.


Two Magnums which were stored in the Towers security locker were found - the heat caused when the buildings collapsed melted them together


The woman in the picture.....this is her laptop bag and shoes


Firemans jacket and crumpled helmet


A six foot length of steel girder from one of the buildings


Looking down onto the new site....the foundations are already in place


More evidence of rebuilding...more evidence of how terrorism will never win


We went on the 'free' Staten Island ferry to view the Statue of Liberty. Here are a few pics...

Ferry pulling out of harbour


New York skyline


The Statue - it is remarkably small!




We went on a helicopter ride. Penny was a bit worried and didn't want to sit in the front. They dragged Penny out first and sat her in the front! It was all to do with weight distribution so she had no choice. She was a bit pale by the end of it!

The helicopter we went in


Brooklyn Bridge



See how straight the roads are!


The hole where the world trade centre towers should be


Ellis Island - where all immigrants first landed. Between 1890 and 1920 over 17 million immigrants came to America. About 250,000 were turned away





A walk over Brooklyn Bridge...





Brooklyn Bridge in the background but also in the foreground to the right is the exclusive River Cafe. We went in there for a drink and got asked to move outside as we did not have jackets on! There was a minimum order of $30 - so we had to go for Champagne and Irish Coffee (almost $15 each). The place is nice but not that nice - talk about being up your own arse...



Grand Central Station (and a Maserati on raffle in the foreground)


Thought I'd take a pic of a typical New York street scene


This is the home of the Apple ipod. In the middle is a glass elevator that takes you down into an amazing shop. If this place hasn't got the ipod for you then it don't exist


A quick pic of the hotel lobby...and here are a couple of pics of our room...




We booked this restaurant in the Marriot in Times Square for Pennys birthday. It's a new revolving restaurant and does a circuit every hour and a half.



And here's Penny showing off her present - a diamond eternity ring. I got a million browny points for this!


Penny in a Disney shop


We did a walk around Greenwich village and Soho on the last day...New Yorks 'historical' district and buidings...







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