A visit to Paros with Dad and Sue

....for a quick break.....and why not!

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On board the boat ready to depart - little did we know what a journey we had ahead of us!






We're on our way (yeah.....)





There's something nice about watching the land disappear into the distance.




















So here's what happened....we were told that the journey takes exactly four hours - so four hours later on the dot we arrive at the island and duly disembark. The island was Sirios, not Paros! Only we didn't discover this until we were half way around the harbour with our suitcases and couldn't understand the little map.

The waiter we asked must have been laughing afterwards - it's 10pm, the ship we should have stayed on was already sailing out to sea and we were stranded (and that's after I had run all the way back trying to catch the boat and ended up sweating buckets 'cos it was hot!)

By luck, the ferry booking office was open and it happened to have a hotel booking desk at the back which was also open. After a humiliating 30 mins we were being whisked off to a hotel (which had digging outside at 7am - and I mean literally under the window) and tickets for a couple of connecting boat trips next day for Paros.

I reckon they don't tell you which island is which on purpose to drum up trade - apparently this happens an awful lot. Bit suspicious that ferry booking office set-up if you ask me.

Anyway - here's a pic of our one-stop hotel on Sirios - just above and to the right of the yellow building on the beach front - and us glad to be on our way again...


Joke Number 2 - here's the ferry once we got off on to 'Mikanos' - where we had to get a connecting boat with about an hour and a half to spare. Couldn't be simpler?

After half an hour, Dad spots another ferry port in the distant around the harbour and a nasty thought appeared in our heads - yes, you've guessed it - the island couldn't be satisfied with one port, it had to have two with enough distance between them to cause panic and guess where our next boat departed from!

A taxi came to our rescue ;-)

Couldn't help taking a quick shot of a cruise liner that was docked while we were there. Very nice...and very big!

Anyway - finally made it. Me and Pen hired a quad bike - great thing to do. We got around most of the island in one day but you need it for a couple of days if you want to spend time at other beaches.

Even got Dad on the back!

Here are some scenic shots:-

Light wasn't great in this one! Trying to get the sunset.

Going down to the harbour and watching some ships arrive and leave was strangely therapeutic.

Pics of a kitten that seemed to take to us (well, our stairs anyway). Penny loved the kittens - they ate like little kings that week.

A few 'us' shots now - happy days....wish we were all back there.

(And yes - if you think we look a bit rosy-cheeked in some of these photo's then it 'might' be because we had a little bit too much of the sauce)

...oops - that's given it away....and where did all that cake come from?

Nice place to wander around at night...

The famous grocery man with his donkey - he sings as he goes so you know he's coming - took some time to catch this shot of him...he was always too early for us!

Time to go home...wouldn't do this again. Didn't like the flight - the four hour boat trip is much more relaxing and is part of the holiday....just make sure you know which island you are getting off at!

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