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We went a week earlier in September to the time when we went in 2008 and there were significantly more people on the resort. In the last few days the town started to become really quiet again so it looks like the best time to go is early September if you want a bit of atmosphere in all the restaurants etc.

This time we got off the right island first time! Starting with some sun sets...

I do love the winding alleys around the town...can't resist taking some photo's.

Lovely clear waters


This was a bar called Fosti that we found in Naoussa - a really nice modern/Jazz type place.

(...storm brewing...)

Looks like an old traditional house but just across the road was a new one being built!

Rebelling against the blue colour scheme

The beach right around the headland - I believe this is Krios beach. Never a problem getting a sunbed.

Question - What's wrong with this picture? (Answer - Nothing)

Oh yes - the picture further up was didn't have me at the end of the bottle. (Has now :0)

Our visit to AntiParos

This picture was taken up a hill where the Cave tourist attraction is. Our poor little quad bike almost didn't make it.

This cave was well worth the three Euro's - it went very deep. Pictures don't do it justice.

View from a seat in a Cafe looking out from AntiParos.

Coming back into AntiParos main town now (in the distance)

Water melon, banana and Baileys cocktails.

Aahhh - ain't that cute....

On the last couple of days the wind got up - here's Naoussa with the sea starting to crash in - it even manage to start running down the path.

Parasparos beach - and yes we really did have it all to ourselves for a while.

We remembered the developments taking place in 2008 just across the other side from this beach and thought what a lovely place they would be to have...2 years on and they haven't got any further.

Leaving Paros now :-(

Perhaps we'll be back one day....

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