A visit to the Munich Octoberfest and a few days in Salzburg afterwards (26th Sep - 6th Oct 2012)

A few pics of our visit to our friends Ian and Jude with Mitch and Janet. Made a couple of visits to the Octoberfest and went for a short break in Salzburg afterwards.

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Surfing on the waves near a bridge in the local park

A couple of pics of where Hitler first tried to rally his troops for an invasion

At the beer festival

Go Mitch...

...and Jude...

...erm...swiftly moving on...


..Janet - but she was far too fast for the camera

Penny in full swing

aargghh - bless

Go Janet (whoop)!


How many steins Mitch?

Traditional legwear at beer fests

We're not drunk - just thoroughly enjoying ourselves :-)

A visit to lake Tegernsee

That's a chapel up there!

...and here's that chapel up close...

(it was a small chapel!)

Cow festival - where the cows are paraded through local streets after being brought down from the hills

...at last, a glimpse of some of the cows!

Location, location, location.

Janet and Jude going on one of the rides in the beer festival (mad!)

Put an ice bucket on a table and it's not long before an idiot picks it up and wears it as a hat!

...make that two idiots...

Penny getting in with a local!

...oh dear...!

Mitch and Janet getting ready for a ride

Yes, not only did this ride go up high and spin around, the 'rocket' rotated about its axis as it did it

Mitch triumphs over the ride

One of King Ludwig's Palaces (Linderhof)

In the local Italian


This really is a lovely place. Glorious weather.

View from our balcony

We spent a few days at Konigssee Lake. This is going up the Jennerbahn (normally a ski run)

Lots of fantastic views and a fantastic walk down

Mountain goat!

An evening with some musicians playing Mozart

A visit to Eagles Nest (Hitlers house on the top of the mountain - a 50th birthday present to him)

Not much of the original building remains as the Americans flattened it

Hitlers main lounge in the Eagles Nest

Back at Lake Konigssee

A walk to the local glacier!

Penny doing a 'Mo'

A random band walking through the town centre

A lake on the way home - these are at the motorway services!


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