Anniversary 2014 - A Stay in a Treehouse!

Thought I'd book somewhere different for our anniversary this year and found a treehouse! No electricity - everything you need is provided by a wood burner and candles...

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There are 5 treehouses all out of sight of each other. You can find the details here..



Gwdy Hw means 'Owl'


This is the field you have to walk through to get to the woods that contain the treehouses. Then over two small streams and you're there.


Penny going through our gate - and you can see the wood store up the hill.


Our balcony - the shed in the corner is a Swedish compost toilet.


Rope swing bridge!


The stairs that spiral around a tree to get you up to the house.


It's like something out of teletubbies - only in the air.


The bedroom




And dining room/lounge. Love the front door.


A rare sight - I'm cooking


Breakfast :-)


The treehouse from below. Doesn't look too high from these angles but it feels like it when you're up there.


This is the shower. Gravity fed and only warn after you've had the wood burner on for an hour or so. Very effective and warm!

How the treehouse is attached to each tree. Designed so that it the trees move, the treehouse doesn't. But it does mean you get some creaking.


Views from the treehouse.


We're just monkey'ing around


We went on a local walk around the area. As you walk down the farm road, you can look back at the woods and you can hardly see any of the houses. In the red square, you can see a cross-beam which is one of the supports under our treehouse.


Our day out climbing Cadir Idris


Very windy and started to rain so we took a bit of shelter in a really effective wind dam.


There is another walk almost on the doorstep of the treehouse which the owners called the 'Power Mountain' walk. You can see why...

....finish on a rainbow...



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